The Amazing Brain

THE AMAZING BRAIN explores your body’s command center — where you form memories, feel emotions, learn new things and so much more. In this vibrant, active and thought-provoking exhibit, you’ll balance, react, sniff, hang, tie, lie, shock, press and play — all to gain a better understanding of the magnificent, three-pound organ in your skull. Like a muscle, your amazing brain becomes stronger and more efficient the more you use it. How will you exercise it today?


Ready, Set, Recall is a colorful, fast-paced demonstration of your memory network. Be the Brainstem and see how well you can keep up with the automatic functions your body performs to stay alive. Explore your brain’s sound system with audio illusions in Listen Up. Test the teamwork between your brain and body in Balance Me and measure your reaction time with Think Fast. In Upside Down and Backwards, flip your view and tie a shoe. Freeze Frame demonstrates how your brain can be tricked, while Name That Color shows how your brain reacts when it faces competing information. In The Nose Knows, sniff through a library of different scents and test how well your brain interprets the smells. Calm your brainwaves to win in Mindball, where your ability to relax is the key to victory. Hot or Cold shows how mixed signals can lead to some surprising sensations. In Shock or Not, some people will get a shock when they press a button and some won’t. Ever wondered how you would do when tested by a Lie Detector? Here’s your chance. With the Endurance Test, hang onto a bar as long as you can to see if physical stamina is all in your mind.