Riveting Robots

The robots of years past are nothing like the futuristic and exciting robots of today. They are machines that can move, interact and talk with us — some even look like us! As you’ll learn through the various hands-on exhibits in RIVETING ROBOTS, programming and coding are required to make robots do what they do so they can complete tasks that are often too dull, difficult or dangerous for humans.


Jarvis is the exhibit’s ROBOTHESPIAN, a life-size humanoid robot that is ready to dance, sing and even take a selfie with you! And just like you need hands to grab objects, robots need devices at the ends of their arms to do things. You’ll learn about those devices — called end effectors — in GET A GRIP. Who wants to program a robot’s path? You can in MISSION:CODE! Step in front of the blue sensor in i-SIGHT to see how the light pulses used in lidar see you! Steady and precise hands are needed if you want to RACE A ROBOT and win! CO-OPERATION gives you the opportunity to show off your surgical skills by slowly and carefully removing pieces from a patient’s body, similar to what is done in robotic surgery. Can you lace up a pair of sneakers using special tools? Try it at LACE ’EM UP! And snap together a bunch of smaller robots to create a larger robot in BUILD A BOT. See what you can program your robot to do!