Download the COMPETITION PACKET and check out other resources for proposal preparation.

PDF Proposal

Must follow these rules to be compliant:

  • Be in English.
  • Be on letter-sized paper (8.5-by-11 inch).
  • Be a maximum of four or fewer single-sided pages.
  • Be submitted as a PDF.
  • Address all rubric sections.
  • Include at least one original diagram/sketch/rendering of your exhibit (included in page count).
  • Be blind, with no information identifying your school.
  • Not include hyperlinks to additional content.

Want to check out the full potential build-out area at Science City? Watch the video to the right to see the exhibit space.

Download the full Competition Packet.


Must follow these rules to be compliant:

  • Serve as a commercial for the exhibit.
  • Be in English.
  • Be no longer than two minutes.

Download the full Competition Packet.

Working on developing your video commercial? This video from last cycle’s Awards Ceremony features video commercial clips from the Top 20. (Clips begin at 1:00.)

Big Idea Generation

Need a little guidance helping your students develop their big idea? Use these interactive exercises in your classroom to get the brainstorming rolling.

  • Dreaming the Big Idea — How is your students’ exhibit Different, Relevant, Explorative, Aware and Memorable?
  • Judging the Big Idea — You be the judge! Look at sample proposals from previous competition cycles. How would your students have scored them?
  • Storming to the Big Idea — A yes/and exercise that helps your students build upon ideas from other sources.



Couldn’t make a Battle Plan Teacher Info Session? Catch up with Battle Plan Slide Deck or watch a recording of a recent session.

FAQs and Fine Print


You know how engineers are meticulous and detailed-oriented? You should see our lawyers. Here’s what they want you to see: