Every Last Drop

Water feels ordinary to us because it’s so familiar, but it’s a truly extraordinary molecule. EVERY LAST DROP explores water and our relationship to it. Dive into the fascinating scientific properties of H2O, learn about water scarcity and explore the interaction between water and life. Whether you’re splashing at water tables or making in rain (virtually) on a sandy landscape, you’ll discover the impact water has on us — and the impact we have on water.


Splash and learn at two activity-packed Water Tables, or make water move uphill with an Archimedes Screw. Look up! The lights have a story to tell. They’re Suspended Water Molecules, and they reflect the physical states of the three phases of water. Ice, liquid or vapor — water is a beautiful, captivating wonder. Investigate the Phases of Water through three interactive touchscreens. In Tapped Out, learn more about how we use water and why we should conserve it. At Cleaning Our Water, pump water, press levers and turn basins at the interactive water treatment wall. Step on the Projected River to make waves and chase fish. In Exploring an Aquifer, go deep in the earth where groundwater is found. Sculpt your own landscape on the Interactive Sand Table, make it rain and watch water flow through valleys.

Olathe North High School

Olathe North High School developed an in-depth proposal about a highly relevant topic, earning top honors in the 2013 Battle of the Brains secondary division. The project team is full of amazing kids, guided by two special teachers. Their ideas about water — a vital and precious substance — form the basis of this exhibit. The team worked with architects, engineers, construction managers and curators at Burns & McDonnell — as well as Science City staff — to bring these ideas to life.